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little miss model 11

19 Jan

isn’t she gorgeous?

we first saw this photobooth featured on back in april of ’09, and we fell in love!

before i continue on about what a beauty this booth is, i must encourage you to visit! you’ll find some of the most interesting photobooth-related blogging out there! also, click the link above for more photos of the booth!

back to the booth. she’s a model 11, and was manufactured sometime in the ’50′s. the model 11′s initial purpose was for taking ID photos. of course, the magnificence of the booth caught on…and they started popping up all over the place so that everyone could take part in the fun!

i love how many of the original photobooths drew people in by saying things like, “in complete privacy” on the booth’s outside poster. to me, that phrase sums up the allure of the photobooth altogether.

a couple named peter and ina are lucky enough to own that gem of a machine. the rest of their collection is so fun as well!


hello 2011 and smokey the bear!

06 Jan

almost through the end of the first week of the new year! (?!?) where has the time gone??

we stayed busy in 2010 with a bunch of really fun events!

december was especially interesting because of all the year-end corporate and non-profits events. let me tell you a little more about our december…

in atlanta, our photobooths had the pleasure of hanging out with friends at mailchimp (lots of fun folks at MailChimp!), AYAKM (TBS’s animation, young adults and kids media…think Cartoon Network), and Zucca bar & pizzeria (yumm!), to name a few. we were also delighted to be a part of Automation Direct’s christmas party again!

in dc, we worked with a handful of non-profits and had a lot of fun doin’ it! we had a blast working with ahuva & the rest of the Chai Lifeline crew at a charity carnival. they ‘re doing incredible things for seriously ill children – check out their website to find out more about their mission! thanks for having us, guys!

remember smokey the bear?

only YOU can prevent forest fires.

well, in nyc, sexy Sadie (one of our booths who resides in brooklyn) got to hang with the geniuses over at Ad Council, who helped create that slogan in 1944, for their end of the year party! she was thrilled, to say the least.

can’t forget about all the gorgeous weddings we were lucky enough to be a part of, in all of our branches…including our newest branch, PHILLY!!!

thanks to all of our clients and employees for a great year. we are excited for what’s to come in 2011!


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