28 Apr


the photostrips from “the atlantan turns 5″ bash are up. you can find them here!

in looking through the photos, you might notice that chilli is in a couple of strips. i definitely left this out in my last post. (??) i also left out the fact that i took a pic with chilli. (????)

if you’re anything like me, my four older sisters, or my friends in 1994, you too were obsessed with crazysexycool. while t, l, and c are all awesome in their own right, chilli has always been my favorite. remember the video for creep? i mean, what girl didn’t wish she had abs like chilli? and charcoal-colored silk pj’s with matching lipstick?? too good!

chilli & i chatted while we waited for our turn in the booth, and let me tell you…she is as sweet as she is gorgeous!

another thing i left out in my last post was a thanks to jenni williams (also sweet and gorgeous) for asking TMPC to be a part of this fun event!


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