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20 Dec

many have asked, so we will deliver. below are some of TMPC’s most frequently asked questions. we hope this helps you in your journey to photobooth fun.

as always, let us know if you have any additional questions that weren’t answered here. we’re so happy to help!


  • How big is the booth?

The dimensions of the booth when it is completely set-up are about 6’ (L) , 2.5’ (W), 6’ (H). Our booth breaks down into 3 major pieces. The main/largest unit is about the size of a small  refrigerator. It can fit through any standard-sized door! It is 30” wide.

  • What are the electrical requirements?

We simply need a standard 120-volt outlet. (3 prong, grounded)

  • How long does each session take?

Each photo-taking session takes about 45-60 seconds.

  • How long does it take for pictures to print?

The photos take 10 seconds to print. While they are printing, the next guest can begin their photo-taking session.

  • Can I choose color or b&w photos?

You will choose to have color or b&w photos before your event. We do have some booths that are set up to allow your guests to choose either color or b&w. These are subject to availability.

  • How many people can fit in the photobooth?

Our booths are modeled after the vintage film booths, so they are designed to comfortable fit 2-3 people. We’ve seen as many as 6 groomsmen cram into the booth! The more the merrier! That’s part of the fun of the photobooth.


  • Will you need a loading dock for the booth?

We transport the booth in a cargo van. We can enter through any standard-sized door; therefore, a loading dock is not necessary.

  • What time will you arrive?

Our standard load-in time frame is 2 hours prior to when photo time is to begin.

  • Does it take 2 hours to set-up the photobooth?

No, we just like to give ourselves plenty of extra time for set-up!

  • Where should we place the photobooth?

Ideal placement for the photobooth is near the DJ or the dance floor. It’s important to consider flow of traffic (you don’t want jams), but you also want to make sure the photobooth is in a visible area so that it gets maximum usage.

  • Can you bring the photobooth up stairs?

If we have at least two weeks notice, we can usually bring the photobooth up a flight of stairs. There is generally a stair surcharge, because we do have to bring out an additional loader to assist the attendant. The price is $150. We can pretty much fit in any elevator. Does your venue have an elevator?

  • How heavy is the photobooth?

Approximately 225 lbs. total


  • Pricing for accessories

Accessories are $95 each. Bundle any 2 for $175, and any 3 for $250.

  • Do I need to bring anything for the guestbook set-up?

We will bring everything that is necessary to put together the guestbook! (Book, black paper, double-sided tape, paper cutter/scissors, silver sharpies for writing).

  • Does the attendant put together the guestbook?

Yes, the attendant will assist your guests in putting together the guestbook. As the photos print out, the attendant will cut one strip off for your guests to leave in the book, along with a message. Your guests will take the other strip home as a favor.

  • What are the dimensions of the photostrips?

The entire double strip prints as a 4” x 6” photo. Each individual strip is 1.5” x 6”, and the logo section is 1” x 6”.

*Drawing not to scale!

  • What do the scrapbooks look like?

The scrapbooks are 12” x 12” silk-covered books.

  • Will you need a table?

If your package includes the guestbook service or PROPS, we request a table (with linens that match). A rectangular 5’ or square table will work best, but we can work with any table that you provide!

  • What do I need to do about the logo?

We have an in-house graphic designer that will work with you to come up with a custom design that coordinates with the rest of your event details. If you haven’t already been in contact with her, email Rhain at to begin discussing your logo.

  • How big is the logo space?

The logo section is about 1” x 6”. (Exact dimensions are 235 x 1800 pixels, at 300 dpi).

  • If I want to, can I design the logo myself?

Yes, contact and just let her know that you’d like to design your own logo. She will send that over and provide all of the necessary specs.

  • What’s included in the Props box?

All of our props boxes are slightly different. They have a random assortment of goofy hats, glasses, necklaces, etc. If you’re interested in upgrading to a custom Props package, let me know.

  • Do I get a CD of the photos?

Yes, all of our packages come with a CD of all the event photos.

  • What is the online gallery?

We create a unique online gallery for each event on our website. From this gallery, you and your guests will be able to view, download, and make additional prints of all of the photos. We screen the photos for anything obviously inappropriate/vulgar before posting them online.

  • What if I don’t want an online gallery?

If you would prefer not to have an online gallery, no problem! We will not create a gallery for your event. We also have the option to password protect each gallery with a unique password of your choice.

  • Where does the custom poster go?

The poster goes on the outside of the booth, and our graphic designer will work with you to choose a design that coordinates with your event details. If you’d like to design the poster yourself, contact for dimensions and specs.

  • What is a booth wrap?

We can completely or partially wrap the booth in a vinyl wrap, with a custom design. This is appealing for corporate clients, because the booth becomes branded.

  • What is the projection service?

We will project the photos onto a screen as they are being taken throughout the event. The photos will scroll through throughout the night.

  • Can I add extra time to my package?

Yes, the price to add hours before your event is $125/hr. If you decide you want to add additional time at your event, the price is $250/hr.


  • What will the attendant wear?

The attendant will wear dress pants and a button-up shirt, with dress shoes.

  • Do you have a proof of insurance?

Yes, we do! We can send a certificate over to your venue. Just send an email to Include your venue name, event date, address, contact, and fax number or email.

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